Recommended Appointment Steps

A Puppy’s regular visits to the salon from puppy hood will minimise stress and lead to a happier grooming experience for you and your pet.
As soon as a puppy has completed its vaccinations it should startmaking regular visits to the grooming salon.
1. Puppy is brought in for 15 mins to sit, pats and checked how it reacts to Jenifer and the Salon.  
2. Brush and Bath, Nails, no trimming. Brush, Bath and Light Trimming.
3. Full Service Grooming

Each step may be repeated until your puppy feels comfortable movingon to the next step.
Remember your pet has a mind of its own and needs to be trained to stand still while being worked on with sharp instruments.
We are willing to take the time with your dog that it needs to learn to enjoy the grooming process.
A well groomed dog is a happy dog.

Socializing Your Puppy

One of the most important parts of raising your puppy to be a happy healthy part of your home is socializing.
It is essential that all dogs develop the social skills in order for you both to enjoy a happy life together.
Dogs that haven’t been socialized often develop problems in dealing with new people and dogs. Such as timid & fearful behaviour, aggressive behaviour, dominance issues, and become territorial.
Often these dogs can be a problem when taking to the groomer and veterinarian.

While some breeds are naturally sociable others may be more reserved or solitary by nature, however if the proper effort is made any dog should be able to adapt to life with you and your family.

We recommend you read “The Dog Listener” by Jan Fennell before bringing a new puppy home (Actually we recommend you read this even if you’ve got a dog already or are thinking of getting a dog, or a second dog etc…)

Getting an Appointment !

If you have a new puppy , please give a call or email to discuss getting your pup onto the waiting list .  

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