What’s the big deal about Mats?

You may not be aware of it, but mats are a serious problem and can be detrimental to your pets well being.

Pets left in a matted condition are usually ignored or neglected by their owners,  often un- intentionally.

Canine Coat Care at Home

Your Pooch has just come home fluffy, clean and looking like a show dog.

So how do you maintain his coat between visits to the groomer?
Here are a few tips to keep him in tiptop shape.

Keeping your dog comfortable in the summer heat.

While most of us love a hot summer day, it can be dangerous for dogs – especially for older dogs. Dogs are much more susceptible to heatstroke than humans (you probably would be, too, if you wore a fur coat all year round!).

Recommended Appointment Steps.

A Puppy’s regular visits to the salon from puppy hood will minimise stress and lead to a happier grooming experience for you and your pet.
As soon as a puppy has completed its vaccinations it should start making regular visits to the grooming salon.

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