Canine Coat Care at Home

Your Pooch has just come home fluffy, clean and looking like a show dog…So how do you maintain his coat between visits to the groomer?Here are a few tips to keep him in tiptop shape.


Brush out thoroughly every day, this will remove loose & shedding hair& keep the coat free of mats, twigs, stickers etc... It will also spread natural oils through the coat giving a healthy sheen while removing dust & dirt.


If you Bath your dogs at home, make sure they are mat free before you bath. Run a Comb though to the skin to double check. Wet mats will tighten up as they dry creating a bigger tighter mat that is harder to remove.


Use quality shampoo & conditioner, poor quality shampoos may dry the coat, cause dandruff and flaking, irritate the skin, and lead to itching. Always rinse well, even the best shampoos will cause itching if left in the coat.


Wipe out your dogs ears weekly with a soft cotton ball and ear cleaner, clean ears are less likely to get infected & irritation. You will also be more likely to notice right away if they do become infected. Do not clean deeper into the ear than you can see as you can damage the ear canal. (Just like your own ears)


Make sure you have the proper tools for your pets coat. Not all Brushes are created equal. And even the best brush, if used improperly will not give the desired results. You may also need other items such as combs & de-mat spray. . If you’re not sure what to use (or how to use it)



If you find a mat, use a de-matting/silicone spray to lightly mist the area, and let sit a few minutes, gently brush the mat out working a small section at a time.
Never use scissors to cut out mats unless you can CLEARLY see where the skin is and place your fingers between the skin & the mat. It is very easy to cut skin when trying to remove a mat with scissors.


A properly brushed coat can be parted at anyplace, showing the skin, You should be able to run a metal comb though the coat and down to the skin without snagging.


If your dog has long nails, a few swipes from a heavy duty nail file daily will keep them from getting to long AND the friction from the nail file will cause the quick’s to recede, resulting in shorter nails.

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