Booking An Appointment

Booking an Appointment
Demand for our services is very high.
Head over to our Booking Page for more info on how to become a client. 


Do you groom large breeds?

YES! We love big dogs!We are one of the few Groomers in Aberdeenshire that Specialise in Large and Giant breeds.
We are always happy to work with such breeds as Newfoundland’s, St. Bernard’s, Great Danes, Mastiffs and all the other large breeds most Groomers turn away.

How long will my dogs grooming take?

This all depends on the individual pet. Coat condition, age, temperament, breed and style are all relevant factors. When we meet your dog we can discuss any relevant issues, as each client is different. Our main concern is the welfare of your pet whilst in our care and to make it an enjoyable experience for them. Our groom shop is fairly quiet and calm due to the fact that we limit our appointments. Most dogs are groomed straight through, allowing them to be picked up within a few hours as apposed to being left all day.

Pre Appointments

When we have availablity we will contact prospecitive clients from our waiting list to attend a pre-booking assessment.
We require that you come visit us with your dog for a pre-booking assessment and discussion on you & your pets needs.
You will be able to chat with Jenifer, discuss your requirements and look round the salon.
If everyone is happy we will require you to read and sign our terms & conditions and we will complete your dogs file on the computer. A £25 deposit is required to hold your first appointment. Deposits are applied to your first grooming and are non-refundable in the event that you miss your appointment.

What does my Pets grooming include?

All dogs will receive a massaging bath using shampoos & conditioners selected for there individual coat & skin needs. Our special tearless shampoo is used for the face area. Dogs that have fleas will be washed with a flea shampoo that will kill all fleas on the dog. We then hand dry & brush out the coat, clip nails & clean ears.  Feet, pads & sanitary areas are trimmed as applicable. We will then do any styling/clipping & scissoring appropriate to his/her breed or as requested. Your dog will then receive a bandana or bow and a finishing spray &/or cologne will be applied to the coat leaving you pet feeling, smelling & looking Fabulous..

How do I find your shop?

Please visit the Find Us page for directions.

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Do you Groom Cats?

Sorry but we only work with dogs.

Do you do Hand Stripping?

No we do not provide this service. 

Can you give my dog medication?

No we cannot administer any medications.

I have an appointment. What can I expect?

When you arrive for your first appointment we will greet you and your dog, while you dog looks around and gets comfortable we will check that all the information that we gathered at the pre booking appointment is still current. And double check the grooming requirements that your dog needs and we will inform you of the price and give you a pick up time. Please note we only accept CASH at the moment.

Can I choose a style for my Pet?

As long as your pets coat is tangle free and of a suitable type for the style you request, we are happy to create any style/length that appeals to you, from Breed standard to short & practical or even something totally unique to your dog. Wants something different but not sure “what?” Just let us know & we will be happy to discus options with you to create a unique look for your pet.

When should I start getting my Puppy groomed?

As soon as a puppy has completed its vaccinations (usually around 12 weeks of age) it should start making regular visits to the grooming salon to get acquainted with the grooming process. in most cases we start with a simple visit & nail clipping followed by a bath on there next visit & so forth.
(see our article on puppy’s first groom)

I wont be able to make my appointment, what do I do?

Please call us right away to re-schedule.We require 48 hours notice of cancellations or a missed appointment fee may apply before further appointments may be booked. (Emergency’s will be taken into consideration.) Because we loose money when scheduled appointments don’t show up & we can not fill appointments without notice, we have found it necessary to charge for missed appointments.

Will my dog be put in a cage?

All our cages are large with plenty of room for even large and giant breeds and provide full view of the grooming salon and what’s going on. For safety reasons we can not let the dogs run loose but we like the dogs to be able to socialize in the grooming salon and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.
Most dogs happily run to “their” crate and often fall asleep while waiting to be picked up.


We do not sedate any animals on these premises under any situation.Sedated animals require special care and will be refused service if not arranged for prior to appointment.

Will my dog be muzzled?

We seldom find it necessary to muzzle a dog. However, dogs that show signs of aggression or biting/licking at the clippers & or scissors will be muzzled for their safety and ours.

My dogs coat is matted, can you brush it out?

In most cases we will refuse to de-mat a coat. De-matting can be quite time consuming not to mention stressful & painful for both the dog and the groomer. Often the only human option is to clip the matted coat short and start again. The animal welfare act states that it is an offence to cause animals pain or discomfort and we reserve the right to refuse to do anything we think may be detrimental to your pets well-being.

How long have you been Grooming Dogs?

Since 1993 when I started an apprentice program at Petsmart, a large grooming shop in Eugene, Oregon. I stayed at Petsmart for over 4 years at which time I started my own business, ‘Jens Pet Grooming’. In 2002 I married my wonderful husband Craig and moved to Cove Bay. Watt-A-Dog Grooming opened January 2003; Craig joined Watt-A-Dog in 2006.

Can I bring some treats with my dog?

Yes. We always encourage owners to bring a few treats to reward their dog. You are also welcome to bring one of your dog’s favourite toys or blanket to help him feel more at home.

Can you use a shampoo supplied by my vet?

Yes. We can use Prescription shampoos from your vet. We also carry our own medicated shampoos, which we highly recommend for pets with problem skin/ itching/redness etc. Please ask us for a recommendation based on your dogs skin/coat..

What shampoos do you use?

We use Showseason, EZ Groom, SouthBark  Shampoos and Conditioners. With many types to choose from we are sure to have a shampoo suited to your dogs coat type. We test all shampoos and only use the best possible products for the care of your pet.

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