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The one to one personal service is greatly appreciated by our clients. Your Beloved Pet will receive the personal attention of Jenifer thoughout the grooming session. We only groom by appointment and limit the amount of dogs we care for each day.
All dogs are expertly styled by Jenifer with over 30years experience in canine styling.
You can be sure your pooch will leave looking like a star.

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Our Mission Statement

"Bringing a professional dog grooming service to Aberdeen, with the care of our doggie clients paramount. To limit the appointments to ensure every dog gets the full attention they deserve. With the emphasis on a non-rushed one to one grooming session on each and every dog.
We will ensure that our customer service is to the highest possible standard and ensuring that the dog's welfare and health always comes first."


Only the Best Products

We only use the very best shampoos/products to enhance dogs coat and give perfect results.
We have over 20 different shampoos / conditioners in our bathing station. 

We also have high quality Medicated Shampoo available for problem skin & Re-moisturizer available for dry skin & coat.

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Booking an Appointment

Demand for our Grooming Service is very high at the moment.
We are placing new clients onto our New Client Waiting List.
When spaces open up we contact new clients on our Waiting List.  


New Puppy ? 

The groomers first interaction with your new puppy should be a happy and stress free experience. 
With 29 years dog grooming experience you can be assured that your new pup will be have the very best start. 

A Puppy’s regular visits to the salon from puppy hood will minimise stress and lead to a happier grooming experience for your pet.

As soon as a puppy has completed its vaccinations it should start making regular visits to the grooming salon.

After a Puppy Visit has been arranged you can come along for a short visit with puppy and have a look around the salon

You will have the chance to talk to Jenifer regarding puppy’s requirements.
If everyone is happy we will go ahead and make up a first groom appointment.
Usually this consists of a bath, brush, nails and tidy feet and face. 
We can then work out a grooming plan which will suit you and your new puppy. 

Remember your pet has a mind of its own and has to be trained to stand still while being worked on with sharp instruments.
We are willing to take the time with your dog that it needs to learn to enjoy the grooming process. 


Jenifer is actively involved in several grooming groups to keep abreast of all the newest grooming techniques & equipment available. This ensures your pet is groomed to the highest standards.


Gentle Hydrotherapy bathing system to ensure your pets coat and skin are left sparkling clean while they enjoy a full body hydro-massage.

One to One

Low volume appointments ensure your pet is given the attention they deserve.
We only groom by appointment and limit the amount of dogs we care for each day.

Large Dogs

YES!  We happily groom Large & Giant breeds! Our equipment is built with the bigger breeds in mind so we are able to accommodate even the largest dogs.

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Head Stylist   

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Reception / Bookings

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“ 5stars. Cannot say enough good things about Jenifer & Craig. I take my 4 dogs every 6 weeks, they love going and they look & smell wonderful when I pick them up.
Thank you both so much for caring so much for my dogs "

Anni Norland

Absolutely brilliant! Our puppy had just first cut today & I am delighted. Jennifer & Craig were brilliant with him. Thank you so much

Nicola Jamieson

“ Best groomers in Aberdeen!
Thank you so much for all the time, effort and additional support over the years we truly value your work in this household."

Lynn Shepherd

"All my 3 Lhasa apso's cut to perfection." 

Nicola Dunn

Our puppy's first cut today and I'm really delighted! He looks and smells gorgeous!
Thank you Jennifer x

Tracy Buchan


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